Data Sets

The Data Sets inventory provides a list of administrative data holdings at partner data centres available for access through the DASH website. Data holdings included in this inventory are maintained by various pan-Canadian/provincial/territorial data centres across Canada. The inventory is sorted according to the site or data centre name and includes information such as summary description, purpose, and scope specific to the data holding. View the Data Sets inventory.


This inventory is intended as a resource for Canadian multi-site studies. It contains information from a recent systematic review to identify published algorithms for measures of population health, health service use, and the determinants of health. All algorithms included in this inventory have been validated or tested for feasibility of implementation in two or more Canadian provinces and territories. The inventory contains information about the characteristics of the algorithm data source, province/territory in which the algorithm(s) have been implemented, and the source cohort. New algorithms will be added to this inventory as they become available. View the Algorithms inventory.

Data Access Processes

The Data Access Process inventory provides a high level description of requirements and procedures for accessing data at each partner data centre. The inventory describes the data access process by project stages.  The DASH will support data requestors through the various stages to ensure as seamless an experience as possible. View the Data Access Processes inventory.